Organised by Rafaela Pandolfini and Stella Rosa McDonald, Inside is a group exhibition that understands the body as a contested social, cultural and physical site.

As the body is called to account—by gender roles and rituals, by community, medicine, dress and costume, by privacy, duty and by desire—its locus shifts. Inside attests to the body's leaky parameters, it laments names and finitudes and lays claim to being what you are not.

The exhibition will open with The Physical Garden, a performance conceived by Ann Shelton that explores the female body and the complex territory between fact and fiction.

Jana Hawkins-Andersen (AUS), Hannah Brontë (AUS), Hana Earles (AUS), Lewis Fidock (AUS), Aurelia Guo (AUS/UK), Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings (UK), D&K (AUS), Morag Keil (UK), Gian Manik (AUS), Senga Nengudi (US), Ruth O'Leary (AUS), Z. O'Mahoney (AUS) Ariana Reines (US), Cinzia Ruggeri (IT), Nalda Searles (AUS), Ann Shelton (NZ), Mimi Smith (US), Ainslie Templeton (AUS)